Barbara Marciniak – Alcohol is a poison! 2017 04 06

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25 commentaires

  1. Emmitt Thompson Répondre

    Please start putting the date of recording at the beginning of a talk or in the description.

  2. dhgodzilla1 Répondre

    The world is a very different place now than it was when I was born. I remember as far back as being 2-3 years old. Memories from being 2 are sporadic but from 3 & on I have clear memories. I used to be able to leave my body with ease & was never taught how to do it I just knew how. As time went on it got harder & harder to do & the last time I was able to leave my body at will I was around 7, which was around 1988. I remember it clearly too, I think I almost wandered too long or too far from my body because I remember at one point trying to go back down ( I was flying) towards my body & I felt myself drifting away farther even though I was trying to move back to my body, it was almost like the opposite from swimming too deep & racing to the surface before air runs out, it was a similar panicky feeling. Than I felt something push me by the shoulders back to my body & have not been able to leave it since. Around that time my life took a turn for the worse & also became very depressed which seemingly came from no where. Around that time was also when I really started to dislike the Moon which I used to love. I also seemed to loose my inner voice & ability to speak with it clearly. It is almost like since at least that time the Earth has been being blasted with low vibrational negative energy making it harder for people like me to exist or function normally here. I can hear electronic devices & have always been able too, but the last 10+ years there is almost always a high pitched ringing in my ears almost like tinnitus but it isn’t because the sound goes up & down & sounds just like a TV or computer would, it is almost always there, sometimes stronger than others, sometimes I can filter it out but other times it really is a pain.

    • theIAMofME Répondre

      dhgodzilla1 I think a lot of people (including myself) share a similar story. Mine changed between the ages of 6 and 7. Astral travel became impossible then (didn’t know what it was until later in life) and turned into night terrors. It’s like that is the age or something where it just becomes so heavy that it takes it’s toll. I, too, hear the « noise ». When I first « woke up » or had my « experience » around 45 years of age, I went through this time where electronics actually HURT my body to be around. During the thick of it, I didn’t eat or sleep for about a week. I felt no need to. I had so much energy running through my body that I had to go to the gym twice a day just to control it. I felt it was a choice to start sleeping and eating again. This is just a « few » of my experiences back in 2011/2012 as an adult. But, what you spoke of as a tiny child is spot on. Same here.

      Also, I didn’t even watch this video. Not worth my time really. It doesn’t resonate. But, I saw your comment and had to let you know you aren’t alone.

    • dhgodzilla1 Répondre

      At the moment I do not have any Organite. But I do own many crystals, many of them I find myself. What is weird is for years I have been using the different qualities provided by various individual crystals & combining them for their various qualites (similar to how Organite works) by placing them in the same bowl & having it in my room or on my headboard. I have also made staves & wands like this by inserting various crystals into the wood. They also make good art that way. I also put crystals in every plant in my house & always have one on my computer & one on my modem in the hopes of lessening the damaging effects. I think Organite is interesting I may buy some in the future.

    • Muhammad Shakur Répondre

      very similar…I can no longer leave my body as B4, sailing over the trees,and meeting so many like souls whose vibrations were so powerful they where able to give me a push so that I was able to globally move about. My soul feels your loss, I think to discard my large screen TV because as I’ve recently learned they (TV’s) were designed with us in mind. And yes I too can hear the background high pitched squeal… try using ear plugs as you sleep. Also do you own any Organite crystals? Try Amazon…

  3. Tracy Manning Répondre

    You speak of the danger of wifi, understandable. Yet without it I would not have such easy access to these recordings. Rather should we not be saying to manage our time with it intelligently and manipulate it for the good.

  4. Edward Graham Répondre

    Takes us offline so we cant be exploited; true though, perhaps shrooms would be better.

    • Human Being Répondre

      Where do you find them? On the webpage of Barbara there is nothing new, the latest is from ’14

  5. Happy Days Répondre

    at least write when and where it has been recorded 😉 ….as we all want fresh update too ..

  6. Christine Davis Répondre

    I have always thought Alcohol was a poison I have only touched it once one glass and was so ill I have never touched it again and that was over sixty years ago and I am so glad I was so ill even the smell of it brings back that time

    • lightconnection1 Répondre

      maybe she is not american ore english just like I’m whe never learnt it can you speak and write French or germans without faults? Why assault people with faults in there langue?

  7. Marc Hicks Répondre

    I agree, alcohol is a poison, but we live in the age of navigating our way through poisons………Corn is a poison, a bad one,,,,,,Soy beans are a poison,,,,,, touch them, and die later…….sugar has been weaponized,,,,,,along with wheat,,,,,,,,,,,life has become a test on which poisons will allow you to live day to day…………..Choose Wisely………….

    • Peter Naughton Répondre

      Channeling is poison. Have a drink Barbara and think about it – it’s all in the mind remember just as you said in another lecture where you also expanded on that to say that not being able to stop after one is the actual problem ……..
      dependancy, addiction etc.
      Anunnaki is a generic term for manipulative E.T.’s and lastly the Mayans inherited their civilization, knowledge and belief systems from the Olmecs, I suggest you read Graham Hancock for more on that.

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