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    • A_Stoic_Master Répondre

      Yeah, you’re probably right. I have a terrible sense of distance, & direction hence why I said about 10 miles lol…

    • Dave Gibson Répondre

      I went to school with her son. He was a normal kid, nothing like her, Never even spoke about her.

    • A_Stoic_Master Répondre

      Yup. I live in Olympia, Washington which is around 10 miles from her mansion in Yelm. She basically runs that town.

      It’s quite telling that she’s never taken James Randi’s challenge. Easy $1,000,000 for anyone who can demonstrate supernatural abilities.

  1. Dan Bolivar Répondre

    The funny thing about deceptive spirits such as these blabbering liars, is that they’re so easy to spot.

  2. Dan Bolivar Répondre

    I love how all of these ‘entities’ travel to us from thousands of years ago and from great distances just to come and say that « Jesus Christ isn’t who we thought He was.[pf] » and « That Christ doesn’t command the power that Scripture tells us He does. »

    Such long journeys just to give us this message… LOL

    • Trusten Baker Répondre

      Good point! That’s exactly right. They all want to make that same point don’t they? That is that Christ isn’t the way, and that « we » are God’s lol. It’s so sad the people who are lost to this type of deception. Honest people looking for hope have turned aside to doctrines of demons. Refusing the Truth of the Lord Jesus Christ nothing more awaits them but eternal hell fire. It’s horrific actually.

  3. Cherubim Church Répondre

    Lol, the first thing the demon did was attack the validity of God and Jesus Christ, the Bible. LMAO, what a typical stupid demonic behaviour.

    • Cherubim Church Répondre

      +Andreea Yeah, I’ve encountered 3 so far, my mother saw 1. But yeah, they « dont » exist.

    • Holly Roxy Répondre

      Yup, that’s the first thing they always do. There’s no such thing as coincidence, they all say the same things. That age old lie that you are your own god, you are your own saviour, you are christ blah blah blah. God tells you to test the spirits, if they deny Jesus is the one & only saviour then they are demonic, period.

  4. Ultoris Répondre

    She can’t be fake, because neuropsychologists research had denied it. However, there is no proof that this is ancient Rama, who speak, and no even proof, that it’s channeling.

  5. Joseph Barclay Ross Répondre

    I’m amazed by the wisdom, intuition, depth, and uncanny psychic powers evidenced here. Yes, that Merv Griffin is really amazing!

  6. supermuble Répondre

    I’m absolutely astonished. I almost wonder if this show is new in the new timeline that I just arrived on. I don’t remember any mainstream television show ever taking any channelers seriously, like Merv did. To this day, I’ve not seen any channelers on any modern talk shows, and I’m wondering how we were so much more open to it in 1985?

  7. Jace Carsonne Répondre

    Apparently, this « entity » came from the continent of « Lemuria », which is a hypothetical place, that has come to a total scientific conclusion of non-existence; That « it’s » army consisted of over two and a half million individuals, which doubles the world population of that time…

    So a bunch of scientists (regardless of religious belief) all conclude that this is bullshit.

    Well, then it’s bullshit.

  8. Alvin Elmore Répondre

    I look at this clip at least once a month. Each time I look at it, Im still dumbfounded that people STILL to this day take this chic seriously.

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