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  1. Ronald D Répondre

    can somebody PLEASE explain to me what the symbol means of the triangle with the circle inside??!!!

  2. RaisingConsciousness77 Répondre

    Ramtha helped to form some of my core beliefs in the mid 90s but listening to this interview I couldn’t grasp what she was trying to say and didn’t find any inspiration :/

  3. ann prince Répondre

    Consciousness was found to have interfered with the double slit experiment in the 1900,s now no scientist or observer is allowed near a practical experiment, this phenomenon was discussed by all the Great scientests of the Tim Einstien,schroedinger. Neils Bohr. It proved that consciousness can affect matter it was called the Copenhagen interpretation and is still upsetting science

    • Ebrobaru 2014 Répondre

      No, ann, you are confused. This happens only in the quantic scale, nothing more. And even if that, what does it has to do with anything?

  4. J Preston Répondre

    i like watching her in videos, never been to the mansion but have driven by it a few times. She seems very cool, smart and knows who she is. confidence is sexy and this is a really cool thing! Religion is basically a scam but this is not a religion its looking inside yourself. there is something to this…

  5. Legendazf Betancohurt Répondre

    Robert33112. There is an ancient race living inside the Mountain SHASTA. One of the Most Sacred Place on Earth.

  6. Brandon G. Répondre

    Good thing her and Ron L. Hubbard never got together. Xenus, Ramtha both want your money to be « enlightened » or to be « Clear »

  7. MyImList Répondre

    13:51 – « The teaching is that you’re God… »
    This gives credit to Genesis where the enemy of God says, « ….you will be as God »
    Y-I-K-E-S! EEK! =D

  8. yunyeong Cho Répondre

    I know Ramtha, but not crazed to ‘it’
    Botox-ed J.Z.night, must be known taste of money.

  9. Mortal Clown Répondre

    She’s off the deep end big time: drinking, homophobia, even saying Jews had the holocaust coming. 40K year old bully in narcissistic elderly woman’s body? Ought to be a film, not reality. Btw I’m aware that early on, this « channel » provided good material. I actually think higher souls can transmit great info this way on rare occasions. Knowing when it’s over is up to sentient observers.

  10. Gabby Répondre

    demons will always refer themselves as god because poor little measly you and I will always want to believe we are our own god to be able to discredit the one and only true God Jehovah

  11. Dali Z Répondre

    In coming out of your body, isn’t one of the first rules to be careful of what entities you allow in your space? Even when you first begin to meditate the first thing they say is be careful of entities. If everything is eventually learned through experience than why is there such a need to over explain or say so much? The statements should be simple and then the person should go on their own journey of enlightenment.

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