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  1. Si mon Répondre

    A few weeks ago I saw the most disarming video of a very drunk JZ Knight venting at Linda Evans, (of Dallas fame, who was seated in the audience), about something she had done « to JZ » years ago. Then JZ spits in Linda’s direction in disgust … but the saliva lands on JZ’s own shirt. JZ then tells the band to « hit it » and they start playing loudly… it was all so ……. bizarre.

  2. Blaize Casimir Répondre

    My god! JZ Knight the shame of the spirituality. Just look the face, and understand the truth.

  3. Bond_James Bond Répondre

    her follower’s always end up broke and stuck in Yelm Wa, which would be great if it stopped

  4. sclock2 Répondre

    When is she going to join David Koresh, Marshall applewhite, and all those other washed up dead cult leaders? I heard they need another player at their poker table.

  5. Nick Robinson Répondre

    jz. knight youre such a tool. wow i love you’re cheesy brit accent dahhhhh yea some air head blonde has the secrets of heaven you’re like a modern day Jesus moron

  6. john lomax Répondre

    She is a liar and con artist. Why do people still pay her and listen to her? It isn’t even good metaphysics! Dumbed down metaphysics.

  7. Awakening 3648 Répondre

    Her mouth looks like 1000 miles of bad road. Wonder how much she paid for that? #Kabbalah

  8. Mildly Amusing Channel Répondre

    It’s always incredibly depressing to remember that there are people out there who are actually convinced by utter charlatans such as this lady, and that these same brain-dead people often hold positions of power and responsibility in our society. Fucking tragic, and it will never end, because these morons just keep on popping out babies.

  9. dflfj tohjif ovj vioebjb aibeob Répondre

    « Religion started when the first fool met the first con man » – Mark Twain

  10. cj jae Répondre

    What the Bleep Do We Know would of been a much better and more reliable documentary if they would of left JZ out of it. She was such a joke compared to the physicists presented. I am embarrassed for the people who have spent so much money on  the  Ramtha non-sense. Sucker born every minute. Buying the Stairway to Heaven.

    • RU12 Répondre

      sclock2 I know it was some of her senior students that put it together. So, you’re saying  Dr. Michio Kaku is a tool? Hmm I could care less about JZ Knight or her school. But, I find these guys interesting.  All the physicists in this production are legit and quite well known

    • sclock2 Répondre

      cj jae you know the movie is just a recruitment tool for her cult right? The stuff explained in that movie is out of context and only supports to bring her dumb cult new members.

    • RU12 Répondre

      +PlayTilTheyBleed Thanks!  I had no idea YOUTUBE supplied the channels with GRAMMER POLICE.  Was that the only mistake you found?


    There is no reason to worry about your thoughts, for they are not like a loaded gun that wreak powerful and instantaneous destruction.  ~ Abraham Hicks

  12. hellonow32 Répondre

    This woman’s ramblings make no sense. She will always be ridiculous and the sheeple that follow her, were empty from the beginning. Searching for something to latch on to and she filled the void. Jim jones and many before her did the same thing. She can thank Shirley MacClaine’s lost soul for her fame & fortune. Ex-believers that traveled and worked with her, said she’s a fake. JZ manipulated many in her con scheme. Using ramtha to advise folks to invest in her expensive arabian horses, which she was sued.  She’s deformed her face w/ plastic surgery and wearing a lace front wig. If she’s so enlightened, then why is she consumed with vanity? There is only one way to heaven and that’s through Jesus. Why would the heavens send a 35,000 yr old spirit down here with a message that only JZ knight can deliver? I do believe she’s possessed, but she summoned whatever it is for her own personal benefit. I find it interesting that this entity is called ramtha. Isn’t a ram’s head an occult symbol aka baphomet? She’s made a fortune from lies.

    • CHUCK1213 Répondre

      Yes. Her ramblings are indeed demonic as those of others like her as Almine. Satan is the author of lies and confusion and these people are his agents and followers. Call me a looney if you want to, but that is what I think. These people are the agents of evil and lead many astray. Do not listen to them. They espouse lies and gibberish.

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