Kryon main – THE NEXT 18 YEARS

Date: December 2, 2015. Place: LAGUNA HILLS – CA.
Kryon Main Channelling
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14 commentaires

    • Eric Wales Répondre

      +Guenter Serwotka Past, present and future are human constraints added to reality for the benefit of our three dimensional world. In reality, « future » is the same as past and present. We just don’t see it from our linear perspective.

  1. Brett Goddard Répondre

    We have much to look forward to my friends….we are now creating our own to all

  2. Areya Répondre

    Kryon says the new energy source will be revealed when we have figured out the Middle East. Also, travel technology. This guy, Andrew Basiago, says the US government has developed these things but has withheld them for over 40 years – Basiago says the technology would bring world peace. His father worked for the CIA, Basiago was in the Navy for years and saw experiments and participated in covert ops. He’s a Cambridge-educated lawyer, running for president on a sign in ballot – what he says is amazing – it resonates with Kryon’s message. Here is a radio interview, first five min are intro but first 25 min are well worth listening to, if you have the time.

    • Areya Walker Répondre

      +Eric Wales I agree for the most part with the exception that the coming generations (us as we reincarnate) can be raised with even greater awareness thus raising the number of global citizens wishing to living in peace rather than war. I’m hoping for three generations…one hundred years, and these greedy fools will be out numbered.

    • Eric Wales Répondre

      +Areya There is a ton of money wrapped-up in the war machine and war efforts. Those who profit from war are unlikely to stand by and let it disappear, regardless of how tragic war is for the common man and woman. War is about money and greed … always has been and always will be.

  3. jl644 Répondre

    When is this invention comes out. I am always picturing a machine that can cure anything everything.

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