Kryon – The Akashic system AWAKENING

Date: July 15, 2012. Place: Laguna Hills, California.
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Kryon (Channeled by Lee Carroll) is a "Support" Entity,
Expresing positivity in a beautiful ways.
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26 commentaires

  1. paul dinardo Répondre

    what love Kryon has for us.All these videos and teachings are for us.Just as he said the earth the animals everything….its all about us

  2. Linda Casey Répondre

    Interestingly enough, I have to have my dog put to sleep tomorrow morning. This must have been a message just for my benefit. 🙁

  3. Aurora C Répondre

    What can to tell us about the Annunaki and how they supposedly interfered with human DNA strands, and are working to create humanity to be a slave race through the centuries? Is this something you could expound upon, or clarify?

  4. paul dinardo Répondre

    amazing. The only animals that incarnate are the ones around us. This is just incredible the love for us God has. I knew God did but these things i learned are just deeper love for ud than i ever could have imagined.

  5. Richard Gray Répondre

    It’s not just understanding Kryon, It’s understand the big picture. Knowing the Universe is Energy and we are all the same thing. This is not mumbo jumbo. It’s based on what the quantum physicists are telling us today. All matter, all things arise out of the Unified Field which creates everything including our thoughts, bodies, the blade of grass, the sun in the sky and the entire Universe. Seems simple to me.

    • Insanity is Sanity Répondre

      Hi. The Earth is Flat. Please approach this with an open mind and search here on YT for flat earth. You will be surprised and i guarantee once u see the evidence u will be convinced. Thanks for taking the time to read this

    • Traci Mann Répondre

      Im just trying to understand the term « AWAKENING » as in « AWARE? » or is there is etherial meaning?

    • Maren 5D Répondre

      how r u here if u don’t know what awakening means dear? u must of been awakened to even be watching kryons content? 🙂

    • Paty B Répondre

      it does take time and effort and repeated viewing sometimes of the same chanel.
      Maybe Kryon isn’t the one with the right message for you. there are others you could look up. Or maybe try with an other chanel that would speak to you more.
      And it’s ok for you to not connect.
      doesn’t make you any less of anything and doesn’t make anyone else more of anything… I hope you find your path in this.. what ever it may be .. for me Kryon was a homecoming.. the first chanel I listened to was called « living with the new Normal  » it was beautiful…😀
      have a great day!

    • dmcarden Répondre

      Even though I have doubts about Kryon’s authenticity, your comment was beautiful!!! Thank you!!

    • Tree Répondre

      It takes a while sometimes to see past that. It can take a little catching up – listening to or reading about the larger context – lots of elements to our physical existence – to get a cohesive picture of the non-physical elements of our consciousness. that Kryon presents over several decades. It’s your journey on the planet so there’s really no issue with if you understand the bigger picture Kryon presents or not. You’ll still live a good life if you choose, one way or the other.

  6. Brent Warman Répondre

    You can not meet your Divine self not with present self. They would annihilate each other. Matter and anti matter. Self and image of self. That is why one must sleep. This was the purpose of the Sabbath so that image may be.

  7. D Sobo Répondre

    I honor truly honor all comments of sarcasm – and the beauty of those mental bending statements/questions. You beautiful amazing souls are curious and inquisitive. Do whatever it takes to be at peace. Absolute peace. You are love and honored and appreciated and oh, loved again – eternally…
    Keep up searching for who and why you are. You are lovely.xo
    You are loved.

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