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8 commentaires

  1. paul dinardo Répondre

    I listen to this over and over .I love to hear especially her the wisdom of the divine feminine. What’s beautiful love she has for us. I hear her voice get emotional when she says how we made it. Oh my. She is love too. I want to let it be k known I have big love for her. She’s beautiful. Thank you to the wisdom of the feminine divine
    She provides for us. Wow. I never knee this til recent.Beautiful Gaia

  2. paul dinardo Répondre

    This shift is huge! The human race is gonna change. It’s rolling! BUt as Kryon said it’s slow it’ll take time. I mean this is exactly what the Pleideans went through. And what’s really something to think about is that the children born then will be us.I think of what Kryon said about others in the universe and how they went through this.This is just awesome. Obviously it’s a way planets and beings evolve. This has changed my whole outlook on life.A beautiful system indeed.

  3. paul dinardo Répondre

    What a gift !!!! She said we are new and are given the opportunity to learn much more about ourselves and our new abilities. She also said we are getting this from the stars and we have a field of support. And we do….the Pleideans the Arcturians etc. She is speaking of our new abilities that are coming to us as we evolve.With our DNA enhanced we surely will develop much more capabilities. My goodness. This is such a gift. We really are of great importance. We will eventually have as Kryon said 88 percent of the CReators power !!!!!! To me this says we are unique. For the Creative source to give us such a gift I wonder why. Kryon said we are part of a bigger plan for the universe.I personally think this is being done so we willn play a bigger role in that master plan for the universe. We are definitely important to God. More important than we know.And I think in time Kryon May tell us what that plan is. But we are changing. As he said the dark is losing and one day it will be a thing of the past.This is more intense than I ever thought our relationship with God would be. All I know is I’m very joyous to kmow this now. So much love for Kryon and his beautiful entourage. In one of his videos he described them as personal. Their love for us must be intense. Complete love for Gaia !!! So much I have now. Thank you all of you who along with Kryon reach through the veil with great love for us.Thank you very very much !!!!

  4. paul dinardo Répondre

    What love! As the Wisdom of the Feminine divine speaks she tells us to smile for we have made it.As she says this her emotion is so strong her love is strong. Her voice changes cause of the happiness she feels cause we made it.Yes.So much gratitude to her. And love Thank you for the beautiful earth you provide us. As you once said life has puzzles that can be figured out but one must live them to do this.And you wisdom of the feminine divine I have discovered you. And am most grateful for the sacrifices you make for us.I listened to you speak in this video over and over. I love your teachings.This is such a beautiful system Kryon speaks of. For a human being to learn who they are and with this shift to become as you said part of the universal party.We are changing. As the Pleideans did so shall we. The system is truly beautiful to allow a human being to evolve to a multi dimensional being . This system truly is as Kryon said all about the human being. I believe we are part of a bigger plan and we will affect the universe. It’s beautiful and joyous. So please let me end by saying to Gaia. Thank you so very much for your partnership with us. I have incredible love for you. Please know this. I’m just overjoyed at your being there!! Thank you and bless you!!

  5. Ros Répondre

    Thank you soooooooooo much for your sharing and energy of love. I love this message and it rings soooooo true and keeps me going. THANKYOU AGAIN KRYON AND LEE. much love to you:)

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