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  1. Saad Mahmood Répondre

    Wait so if I go to India and perform a few magic tricks while keeping a straight face masses of old ladies will hand me cash?

  2. G guy Répondre

    Sai….. you are the man of miracles! Blessed are those who have experienced your divine love……. WE LOVE YOU

  3. HVallejo B. Répondre

    Behold I am the messiah for I can materialize a White Dove from my hands.
    … Is this your card?

  4. Reality Check Répondre

    well, so, somebody asked me why I think India will never get to the top of the world.
    well, you need more proof!!!?.
    so many idiots in here!!.

  5. Universal Love Répondre

    at 00’36 you can see him hiding a pendant under the letters. have a look 🙂 LOve is God but illusions and projections are still on earth…

  6. Jorge Gaetan Répondre

    maestro, mi maestro, mi padre, mi madre, tu , todo lo sabes, todo lo puedes, tu eres yo , yo soy tu, mi maestro

  7. CloudsBeyond Répondre

    His miracles proven fake, easily shown he told lies and was wrong on many things. Only the most gullible believe in Sai Baba. He claimed  »Nothing can harm Swami……… no illness can affect me….proof I am an Avatar is my strong health…….Swami never needs Doctors or Hospitals…………..I am free from Karma…. » = yet he died in terrible ill health, needed Doctors and Hospitals often, broke bones, became wheelchair bound, would fall asleep at events and wake up crying, etc. How could someone free from Karma become so ill and die in terrible ill health? When intruders came to his ashram he ran & hid, those intruders were killed – why did the omniscient one not know they were coming? Why did the omnipotent one not prevent their murders?

    • Reality Check Répondre

      Chand, and maybe ​start respecting real gods that are out there, scientist’s. people who actually makes a change to the world.

    • Chand Répondre

      Reality Check; The brain washed slave of the materialistic world always compare this and that. Yes, I agree that I need to have grammer class, but you sick soul need to attend counselling class too. Those who keep on criticising/dominating with no proofs are truly a sick person.
      *Attend counselling class first rather than to bark at moon by being strays.
      *Are these people are dumb/bulshits; Ratan Tata, APJ Abdul Kalam the Misile man/Scientist, Atal Bihari Vajpye the then pm of India, Pratibha Patel, Mon Mogan singh, Crlebreties like Aaisworya Rai, Sachin Tendulkar, Sonu Nigam, Anup Jalota, the sufee singer. There are thousand of other personalities including devotees from overseas are his followers. The above mentioned are the few icons of India.
      Found lot of sickness in you……,Need to undeestand  » As is the colour of the glass so will be the colour of the object ». Blame yourself not the object. This could be the first step of consciousness.

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