Bridging Heaven & Earth Show # 55 with Ronna Herman and the Music of Sarah West

Ronna, who appeared on Bridging Shows # 31 and # 55, is internationally known as a channel for Archangel Michael and the founder of Star Quest. She brings Archangel Michael's messages of hope and inspiration to many thousands each year. Her seven books, monthly messages, and international seminars address personal mastery, ascension energy, vibrational repatterning, and much more–assisting lightworkers worldwide in understanding planetary changes and one's personal role in these exciting times!

Sarah is an angelic transmitter, visionary, powerful healer, mystic poet, and teacher. She emanates a Holy Gift of Celestial Mystical Singing. She has performed in Cathedrals in Italy to Churches and Synagogues in the United States to healing conferences, spanning the entire globe, including the Sea of Galilee, Mt. Shasta, Hawaii, and the White House Ellipse. Through her profoundly deep angelic presence, Sarah is at once eternal youth and ancient wisdom.

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