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  1. John Smith Répondre

    All those negative comments on Sathya Sai Baba prove you should never cast pearls before swine ,for they will trample them underfoot ..Jesus the Christ…
    Those that love Swami know who he is, even without miracles.
    Lovely Bahjan too thanks.

  2. emokidswag Répondre

    I have had personal experiences with miracles. message me if you want. I find it strange that anyone would go to great lengths to laugh at and try to discredit sathya sai baba. this person was blessed with ohh idk INCREDIBLE powers. beyond human’s ability to understand. I saw miracles first hand. literally…sai ram love you swami

  3. Renato Silva Répondre

    This one is a bhajan titled « Murali Gana Lola »
    Nothing compares to the Swami’s divine chant

  4. TheCuteakshara Répondre

    Glory be to GOD, who created the Universe and is constantly expanding it.

    He enjoined kindness to parents, charity to orphans and the elderly.

    Don’t listen to this evil man. His magic tricks bought peace to none. He himself is lost and is leading others astray.

    My people, worship GOD, you have no GOD but him.

    • ajuba1 Répondre

      +TheCuteakshara Dear, u do not see, for that does not mean that HE is the one who created this universe…may that u believe in show u the light….AUM SAI RAM

  5. Mohan Patelkhana Répondre

    Hi Luca Azeri and TheCuteakshara – Please learn HIS message, which gives us energy than poisonus present political leaders

  6. meenaxhi Bhemah Répondre

    God, the only moment that I want right now, is that I am far away and I am with Nature – Nature look after me and I look after Nature…the remaining is just futile….I am tired of life

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