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43 commentaires

  1. Tom Ato Répondre


  2. neworder ofscum Répondre

    Every time I go to local high street where the temples of consumerism are open endless hours for their devotees it’s a tragic sight, the pained semi-tortured looks on the faces mercilessly hypnotized by vagabonds to buy their rubbish, most of it completely unnecessary. Henpecked tortured men shackled to females who appear more masculine than them psychologically more confident and at ease in these places of superficial desire, men who no longer even remember what it once might have been to be a man.

  3. Colin Shaw Répondre

    the human can ever change, neither does it want to. it’s foolish idealism is all it demands and must have, the human is nothing in reallity but a mere machine and evil interpreter.its vile sneaky nature which is guided by ego thought destroys him without a single compromise or yearning for something different from the old evil nature,he is in love with his evil doings which as always be his undoing too bad.

  4. Kane Alson Répondre

    It’s amazing that when someone speaks in a way that addresses the problem of thought and so tries for 30 minutes to wrestle that thought away from you some people claim he’s lying because he isn’t offering enough solid, tangible and testable thoughts. Ha ha ha. That’s pretty funny stuff.

    Basically we have developed imagination to allow ourselves to evaluate experiences and use them for predictability of future outcomes to get what we want. This can and usually does become an obsession with control, with fear, time and mind. we become obsessed with ourselves. That’s when our strategy becomes an adversary and a curse. That part of mind is better to be a small part of mind which is itself a small part of the whole self. We have it backwards.

    • Michael Molina Répondre

      There are no solutions and if solutions is what you seek to find one must start with themselves.You can not seek for an answer till you understand of the problem and human behavior.

  5. Tom Ato Répondre


    • nulife4ever Répondre

      I am sorry, but what you just said is not in anyway in line with Krishnamurti nor the Holy Spirit. Are you a Christian? A Krishnamurti follower? or just your own ideas?

  6. corpus callosum Répondre

    “Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”: F D Roosevelt’s First Inaugural Address 3/4/1933. K’s teachings that Fear is thought generated, so the only thing we have to fear is this ego-centered thought, disguised as selfish feelings. From cavemen to medieval monotheism to Relativity to quantum energy to absolute truth, freedom from fear is freedom from egoic individuality to indivisibility. Our rights yet more responsibilities. Thanks K and friends.

    • Chekaruski Simb Répondre

      Physiological Fear is generated by though, real, immediate danger is not Thought, Fears is placed in human beings as other faculties, One can liberate oneself from it I mean the Physiological Fear, but for that the whole being get through a change, Lust, Anger, Ego, Attachment, Greed that all has to go, one can not only get rid of Fear and have rest of that, There is a fire which burn all that.

    • nulife4ever Répondre

      Fear is not thought, but part of thought. In turn thought stems from spiritual and material education which affects brain chemistry itself. So proper education= no fear= balanced brain chemistry. It is impossible to get out of thought while we are in the earthly realm. But proper education is the only way to go. All the world religions have aimed at education of human beings, and not elimination of thought.

  7. sam san Répondre

    Sant Kabir Sahib (1398-1518, Kashi-India)) has said-
    Shiv Viranchi NaradMuni Gyaani|Man Ki Gati UnhuNahi Jaani||
    Dhruv Pralhad Vibhishan Shesha|Tan Bhitari Man Unhu Nahi Dekha||
    After giving up the body, Mind moves on with the Jiva (Life force). It is the Mind, which gives birth to Jiva, the impressions, creates Karmas and dispenses fruit of Karma. Mind is the Chitragupt and the judge. Even Brahma, Shiv and Brahmagyani Narad could not comprehend the working of Mind. Shesh, Vishnu, Dhruv, Prahalad and Vibhishan; such devotees also could not understand the secrets of Mind. They could not locate the existence of Mind within the body. ‘Man Ki Gati Unhu Nahi Jani|’ The secrete of the Mind can be revealed only by Sant Satguru who live in the experience of the world of Satpurush which is beyond this impermanent world of futility. Nobody enquires on what happens to the Mind after death. Everyone knows and understands that after the death Atma takes birth again and takes body as per its previous Karmas. Nobody enquires as to where the Mind goes after the death of body. Even Sanak-Sanandan and Gauri-Ganesh has failed to understand this Mind.
    Yogis and Yogeshwars did meditation in various ways, did worship and penance in many ways, they torched their body and reduced it to bones; even then Mind did not come under control nor they could understand the Mind. Kabir Sahib has said-
    Man Hi Sarupi Dev Niranjan, Tohi Raha Bharmai|
    Hey Hansa Tu Amarlok Ka, Pada Kaal Bas Aai||
    Panch Pachees Teen Ka Pinjada, Jame Tohi Rakha Bharmai||
    Alakh Niranjan ( Formless Creator)whom no one can see has bound everyone in this universe.With the ignorance due to Mind, all are taking the illusions of the Mind as real and entangle themselves. This way the entire creation is deluded. Instead of churning the curd, they are churning the water.
    Just like the Chakor bird takes burning amber into his mouth mistaking it as Moon. When it gets burning sensation in the
    beak, it gives up. Again, he picks up the burning amber due to its attachment to Moon and suffers a lot. Similarly, people of this world have taken the formless Niranjan as their supreme Lord. All are marching towards him and are devoted to him. Finally, they earn endless suffering. They are not able to overcome rebirth and they are revolving in 84 lakhs of Life forms created by Niranjan. Just like how scientist, remotely sitting on the Earth, controls a missile or a satellite, direct them with a remote control.

  8. arjunadadaji Répondre

    Krishnamurti should have used theWORDS less and TO TELL MORE.He is using LOTS OF WORDSto tell FEW DROPS OF THE TRUTH.Listening Krishnamurti is waist oftime. There are much better teachersand Gurus. As teacher without devotion OSHOis the best. One page of OSHO willgive you what Krishnamurti will giveyou in 100 pages.

    • Himanshu Baluni Répondre

      arjunadadaji haha ….seems u haven’t got his msg ….he never called himself a guru anyways ….
      His philosophy or teaching was always centered around the idea that one should question his/her own belief and find out the truth for themselves and not believe the the convention

  9. nulife4ever Répondre

    We live on earth, therefore by default we must live in time/space—–we understand everything in terms of time and space; we communicate with others in time and space; all of our transactions and millions of other human affairs we hold, are all in time and space. Consider this analogy now——This earth is comparable to when we were in our mother’s womb…… (let’s go slow here) The womb was the world we lived in. All its conditions and limitations had a definite purpose, and it was to develop limbs and organs and etc. Those limbs and organs (eyes, ears, hands, feet, vocal cords, taste buds, etc) we did not need them while we were in the womb itself, but they were ONLY necessary for when we arrived in this world after our birth. Now [WHAT IF], when we were in the womb, we said, NO WAY! I don’t need to live in such a small space and it is too limiting here, therefore I am going to live outside of this constricting womb RIGHT NOW!……….. And WHAT IF, hypothetically speaking, we could at 4 months old, while still in the womb, somehow get ourselves outside of the matrix of the womb? Could we even live? I doubt that. We would die in a short time, and even if we lived with the help of doctors and nurses, we would still have certain physical faculties and organs that would remain defective. It would be a rough life and not a wise choice. I am sure we all would agree on that.
    My point is, we now live on earth which may be comparable to a second womb (it is an analogy I am using of course) and there are now “spiritual faculties” that we are developing here, which have to be developed under the conditions of this world [through time and space], for very very good and wise reasons—-some of which we may or may not be aware of whatsoever; and even if someone comes along (i.e. Krishnamurti) and says here is a truth that is OUTSIDE of time and space—–and let’s say he is EVEN proven to have such a truth; I still would suggest that such a truth would still NOT work or at least be applicable here on earth anyway, because logically one cannot bring the conditions that are [completely] meant to be [outside of time and space] and introduce them into the complex fabric of a biological life (physically and consciously) on earth, that ONLY things as related to time and space can take root, function, and thrive. The idea of such an occurrence itself would be [unthinkably dangerous] and [unwise] to be introduced in the matrix of time/space. Even in physical life, astronauts are careful not to carelessly introduce something from Mars to earth or from earth to Mars for good reasons. Now imagine we are talking about a person trying to introduce something outside of time and space (according to him) into a matrix that can only sustain itself through time/space dimensional conditions! This would be foolishly unwise to do by anyone.
    But let’s just assume for the sake of the argument that [some truth] outside of time and space could work here within the time/space dimension, and let’s assume it won’t harm anything—–my question is, what did Krishnamurti say that was [literally] outside of HIS own time and space, outside of his brain and mind? Can you name such a statement that he may have made? That’s what I really like to know. I am open to any respectful Krishnamurti—Bahai faith dialogues.

    • Out of Babylon Répondre

      Moses Sofer A judging mind like yours can’t grasp the value of his teachings. Understanding needs openness.

  10. Aman Deep Répondre

    You have to listen really hard to understand him. You can’t miss one word. But once you catch on to his speed and level there is a harmonious flow. Everything seems perfect. 

  11. Maya Krasikova Répondre

    Can we be free of something that is so natural to us and connected to our complex whole being? We can definitely transcend fear but this energy exist because it serves the purpose, just like everything else around. We don’t need revolutions but to simply evolve to become more aware of how we are as humans. May be that’s what he meant by « revolution ». And evolution cannot be forced – this is happening and cannot be accelerated – this is a play of mind again, possibly the fear.

    • Ashish Sharma Répondre

      +Maya Krasikova – evolution can only happen in time and space , evolution can be of something – something which is neither free nor complete in itself …something which is fragmented …certainly evolution can not be forced …it takes its own sweet time …

      You said that this energy exist because it serve the purpose …just like everything else around….certainly the energy as something – moves , change shapes and dimensions – the energy is inseparable quality of matter – quality of matter as human being is his thoughts , memory , knowledge… his very mind …naturally the energy is the very purpose ..very idea which is seeking safety , finding ways for its own survival , continuity … making choices through desires and aversion …

      evolution is an endless cycle of cause and effect … evolution is the activity of the mind , the thought process , a kind of seeking seeking for imaginary perfection which is unique in nature …

      i sense what jk is referring to is freedom from that thought process – from unique and individual consciousness which is limited by thoughts by mind , from sense of separation to cosmic consciousness

    • Sandy J Répondre

      +Gary Shaw Everyone live in fear. That is why people have the need to identify with something greater like religion, country, football team…etc.

    • Gary Shaw Répondre

      +Maya Krasikova it’s the unnecessary fear I suppose he is speaking of. The fear that only some « suffer » from, which would mean it is not a fear that is natural/necessary as many live without it, rather it has been allowed into one’s life for some reason.

    • Sandy J Répondre

      +Maya Krasikova Psychological fear has no purpose it’s not like self protection from poison animal, that is natural instinct

    • Maya Krasikova Répondre

      +Sandy J Psychological fear is a matter of self-protection and part of us. It is an instinct, which is part of our psychological make up. We cannot deny this, however can transcend it by bringing that fear into our consciousness and doing so constantly. That what K. meant by « revolution », to evolve from fear based humans to conscious beings.

  12. Troy Soldier Répondre

    When I go into it like « the speaker » Krishnamurti suggest, I am unable to run, hide, or move away from what is. Just amazing. I tell you people, I am up against it like you. The ability or the reality of continuing in this current state of human existence has me right up against it all, psychologically speaking. This is me finding out for myself if the human mind can radically change. It has to doesn’t it? There is no choice. Because this current state doesn’t seem sustainable psychologically speaking. And in doing so right now things are actually not the same. The description is not the described. These are mostly questions in the form of statements as I dive into this way of being.

  13. Moses Sofer Répondre

    krishnamurti was full of nothing but baloney but people are too afraid of saying that that Emperor wore no clothes

    • Ashish Sharma Répondre

      +Moses Sofer  » full of nothing » is profound oxymoron 🙂 …emperor wore no clothes because he wanted to feel like a newborn baby

    • Odys polymechanos Répondre

      +Moses Sofer I agree with you you are right but tell me did it took you a lot thinking to say that or less? 😛 Nakedness is not about clothes 😛 Thinking is monodiastatick so cant help anyone see the hole ….

    • shaolin dynasty Répondre

      +Moses Sofer People will always be critical of what they don’t understand. Jiddu understood well that you can’t please everyone. He obviously didn’t please you, which was never his intention. So consider yourself unpleased and move on.

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