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  1. Si mon Répondre

    Isn’t this the channeller who claimed « dark forces » would come to anyone who infringed the copyright of her DVDs ?

  2. Samy Hue Répondre

    Barbara remember they were looking all over Bethlehem due to a star. IF there were fights you won.

  3. Martin Schweizer Répondre

    It is a devils’s deception and temptation as a great business. It is far away of god’s truth in the bible.

  4. Julles Farhn Répondre

    Nothing is free, everyone will pay for what they receive. You think this is free? try putting it to good use. you will pay with your own discipline and efforts that will be enough. thank you Barbara for your efforts, the path never ends.

  5. mojoworld1 Répondre

    I am always endlessly amazed by the plethora of mental illnesses, superstitions and stupidity we as people exhibit.

    • Helena de Boer Répondre

      Archon DeYa, if you go to the grocers you must pay too so shut up and act like a grown up who knows a thing or two and doesnt expect every one around him to be perfect unless you are too, channeling does not mean that you talk all languages, it means that the ones who wish to speak use your abilities.channeling is not being taken by some dark force, you ar not abused!

    • 527Kenny Répondre

      +Longevity – in/(E)ternal Beauty
      « Moron? »…..Look at your post. Your sentences don’t even make sense.  « This is a very intelligent & if you pay attention to life at all, it should be obvious this as nothing but truth. »…..Huh?

    • Inez Karkabe Répondre

      to each his own. So stop accosting people on internet this way. not worthy of the subject if you DO believe.

  6. My Opinion Matters Répondre

    Is it true she admitted that she found out she was actually channeling a reptilian and not the pleiadians?

  7. Chi Walker Répondre

    An acceleration of energy huh, well Islam is accelerating its birth rate all over the world and will over take western civilization and bring it back into a stone age of oppression, slavery, torture and death. Those who run the EU and America are allowing it and promoting it it, Why? Because they want to destroy the Caucasian race and Christianity.

  8. Pleiadian Professor Répondre

    MESSAGE FROM BARBARA MARCINIAK: « I’m told that once again my CDs are on the Internet. Let me make this perfectly clear – when you purchase CDs, I sell them in good faith and with trust in your integrity. No one has the right, permission or authority to post my Pleiadian channelings on the Internet. If anyone reading this has done so, please remove any and all postings of my work immediately. You are responsible for honoring the copyright status of this work, as well as my wishes. » 06/21/15

    • Whyte23 Répondre

      HeartOfSky hey man, I’m looking more and more into all of these aliens and trying to enlighten myself. and I see your well informed about a lot. would y mind sending me a message about what info of Barbara is true or not? cuz I know there’s a lot of disinformation out there. thanks.

    • Luchtefer Ert Répondre

      Aleeya Izhere because they are limited creators 🙂 that s why they ask for money, actually they are in service instead of being themselves service. We can use their knowledge wise cause we are more powerfull than them ( they serve fake light without knowing,but they have different knowledge than us) so wisely we can use them as they use us in higher dimensions,actjally we are their slaves,they keep us down because it. s the only way they can shine. Honestly she chanells spirits which can t create cause creator can act,but they can only talk with humans ,they miss something what we own,andthet s why they keep us slaves just we need to figure out what they want from us,maybe energy. maybe they can t survive without us, cause if they turn back to source energy they would die ( i experienced source,it s powerfull more than anything what is experienced,but it s not a being it s an energy level) and i think this is what they took away from us,so let s use them to raise our vibration and then liberate us,but not depending on them .

    • Out of Babylon Répondre

      How « enlightenend » are people, when they cannot even grasp the value of spiritual work and the fact that we all live in a material world, in a capitalistic system, in which we all need MONEY to survive.? Is Barbara M. supposed to live a yogi life, in a cave, far away from the civilized world, where people (like you???) come to bring her food and clothes, medicine and community, so you can believe more? No. You just want spiritual food for free, because you can’t implement it in your lives, you need more and more. Most of you are information addicts and hypocrites. Like a junkie, most people just want to have a quick shot for the day and tomorrow everything is forgotten.
      Everyone can « afford » to buy a CD, when its really appreciated! Start to walk the talk! If anyone takes this journey serious, there is no question about being honest and fair, aware of the necessity of balancing out what you take. Otherwise you are thieves and universe will take something from you, to create balance.

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