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  1. Raina Kessinger Répondre

    It would seem that the Pleiadians didn’t enjoy their lunch break… there’s a major change in energy around 36 minutes in that doesn’t feel Pleiadian at all! 👎🏼

  2. Peter Thoegersen Répondre

    Billy Meier is taken to see Jesus on the cross with Semjase in her ship. She is a plaiedian. Marciniak says Jesus never existed. Jesus never existed. Jesus existed. Jesus never existed. Jesus existed. DOES NOT COMPUTE DOES NOT COMPUTE. ERROR. ERROR. ERROR.

    • Pkp Kaaotiq Répondre

      Christ and the Cross is real.

      Post Script
      (I don’t go to church, read any religious books or are tied to any religion on this planet:)

      They can tell you things that make sense, sound good and even maybe true. As soon as they tell you Christ never existed, alarm bells should going off in your spiritual consciousness 🙂

      God bless

  3. me ovearth Répondre

    $$$$$. money, money money, must be funny, in a rich man’s world. This is
    Gnostic knowledge; comes from within. She has yet to say anything that
    is not already in our reality on this plain. Look within. Wholeness.

  4. Debbie Comeau Répondre

    Barbara you’re like Nancy Drew keep up the good work God and all the people that love you goodness in life loves you also for the public and for the whole world to understand I call you disciple of God Messenger

  5. Denise Larsen Répondre

    In Q+A she can answer any random question thrown at her on any subject. Credible answers, that are asked by already informed individuals, she has infinite knowledge which would take ten life times to learn for most! Think about that….this is not rehearsed.

  6. Meru Ur Répondre

    this woman is a valse prophet, i hear it the voice is demonic sorry, not pure vibration wake up!!

  7. S M Rogers Répondre

    29.00 – The reason she cannot answer Michael’s question is because the Pleiadians do not hand out such quest. Other things she cannot deal with are matter of higher authority. It is worth remembering that they the ones helping from that system (there are those that are opposing there from lower sub-dark chakras) come from the 5th charkra domain. They only have SOME of the answers not all. She skirts around big issues. To really get answers to the BIG question read The Only Planet of Choice – Essential Briefing from Deep Space. It states in there what I have just said. This info comes from the centre (yes I am English) of our Universe and has high knowledge and authority. This channeling that we are looking at here represent the Ashan Civilisation. They are of the 5th chakra domains. We are in the 4th chakra domains and we come under the Hoovid Civilisation. Therefore, they are higher up the scale but not by much. TOPOC has representatives from all 9 levels including Altea who are 7th bodily beings. After that you are dealing with spirit levels (8th) angles and then the collective God-mind (9th). She does not know about Alteans the founders of Atlantis this has not been brought down to her. These are just two examples Apart from that, she does know a bit more than most beings on this planet usually do!

  8. Eduardo Geisam Répondre

    I know the pleyedians and I have contact with them in my dreams and they a knowledge Jesus is the son of God and Mary is the queen of the universe God bless you.

  9. James Evans Répondre

    Why the silly voice? That’s the way demons talk? This is demonic strong delusion. Double-speak.

  10. Eduardo Geisam Répondre

    Jesus is the son of GOD and the pleyedians a knowledge that all you say is blasfemi,and the pleyedians don’t talk like that all you say is lies God bless you.

  11. Luna Chick Répondre

    I appreciate the information given… And the guidance. when someone even mentions The Pleiadians I feel a special warmth in my heart for them 🙂 however… I do not believe this woman is being completely honest with us I think she used to be somewhat more sincere. the last few channelings I have listened to from her had a lot of resentment & judgement she seems to be very opinionated which is absolutely not the way of the Pleiadians. Anyways that’s just how I feel.. nameste love and light to you all🌍✌💛

  12. Trollin Seymour Répondre

    Oh no no no… I’m not going to write another book because people are not « buying » the one that I already wrote.  Didn’t she mean « reading » the one she already wrote.  Isn’t the idea here to raise everyone’s level of awareness, not raise the level of her personal bank account?  Sorry, I try to keep an open mind, but that statement just blew your credibility straight out the air-lock lady.

    Be careful with the channeling everybody. I get the distinct impression this lady may have made real contact with something and is really being led through the ringer by whatever she contacted. It is especially misleading because there is something intuitive about this information, but something just doesn’t add up. The best misinformation consists of mostly truths to set you up to believe the critical lie hidden in the mess.

    • Anne Teller Répondre

      I’ve always received information, but as a child, living in a Bible Belt, I did not have anyone to tell me about this gift. So, I just considered it very interesting and used my gifts in my teens to attract, entertain, and amaze my boyfriends. Then, someone told me to read The Celestine Prophesy and I agreed since it was « fiction. » Well, forget the fiction, it totally open my eyes to this area of information. It was when I joined a Conversations with God group in 2001 that things really took off. They said to go home and journal. I thought, this will be boring – « I got up and ate cornflakes and went to work and then came home and ate dinner and took care of my kids and went to bed yada, yada, yada. »  So, I decided to ask a question instead. I ask, « What is the purpose of life? »  Then an amazing amount of information just downloaded and all I did was to write it down. It is not information that I could have come up with on my own.  That’s when I realized that I really do have a gift that can be used to help other people.  So, I was with my friend who is also an intuitive and the Pleiadians  began talking to us. We were such beginners with our gifts. We ask them, « Are you the lizard people? » They said, « No we are not the lizard people. »  Then we had a delightful conversation with them and found out how truly kind they are and how they really are here to help us.  For me, I see with my third eye and hear telepathically, for the most part. That’s why I didn’t know I had a gift for years, I thought you had to hear with your real ears and see with your real eyes. Not true. Some people do, but most see and hear with their third eye and telepathically.

    • Aura Moldovan Répondre

      Anne, did you contact them, or did they contact you? I have also seen a blue, hairless humanoid… he was very calming, kind…. and he was just staring at me… I don’t know if he was a Pleadian or Arcturian or of any other kind… this was under hypnosis.

    • Out of Babylon Répondre

      Quite interesting though to see so many people being afraid and full of fear to be abused for money… what does that say about you? Probably you are too much identified with fear and money? General judgement is a self defense mechanism and always a projection or a projective identification, rooting in the dissociated darkness/shadowss of oneself… think about it. Maybe you are the egotist here…

    • Anne Teller Répondre

      I’m picking up the energy speaking through her is reptilian and not Pleiadian.  Very educated information though. So, a good reptilian, and giving very valuable information. The Pleiadians I’ve found are very easy to reach because they are so close to the Earth and are the good guys. They are definitely here is help us in whatever way they can. I could hardly believe the movie Avatar when it came out because that’s the way the Pleiadians appeared to me. They were tall like 9 – 10 feet and blue in color. They didn’t have tails or stripes like the beings on Avatar but otherwise that’s how they appeared to me. Maybe it’s different for others and most ETs can appear human when they need to blend in. They are very kind and more like CP3O on Star Wars, but not goofy, but very kind, intelligent and empathetic,  and I didn’t meet any grumpy ones.  They didn’t across as egotistical. That’s another trait of even good reptilians is they tend to come across as egotistical, even if they tell you that you should not be egotistical. The Pleiadians seemed to have transcended the need to be egotistical with humans. Although, there may be grumpy ones,  I didn’t meet a grumpy one,  they were never condescending as they know humans are like children in their intelligence compared to most ETs who come to Earth, and human’s are as easily tricked as taking candy from a baby. So, they would not be condescending or speak down to humans under these circumstances. Why would you talk down to a child in a grumpy manner if you know the child is not as advanced in their knowledge and understanding as you are?

    • Wyrmspleen Répondre

      Spirits incarnated into Chernobyl babies with radiation to make a point to not live in this way? Is that like girls being born to pedophile
      fathers who rape and sell them to their child trafficking associates to
      make a point too? Does this come back to the whole idea of spirits
      forming contracts before entering the body? I asked my wife this, whom this happened to, and she said bullshit.

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