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  1. Mike Hood Répondre

    You get to keep the stacks of Gold
    that’s the deal I just hope the Schools of Souls are Good Ones

  2. tiffsaver Répondre

    + Pleiadian Professor
    I have been watching your videos with great interest. I have been a UFO researcher since 1969, and have personally met Colonel Wendell C. Stevens (ret.), who was the first one to contact Billy Meier with any real credentials. To be honest, I have little experience with channelers, so I cannot either vouch for of deny your abilities, but I can tell that you’re a very aware, very intelligent human being who is doing good work, and that’s all that really matters. I also liked your advice about spinal health. After practicing with Bikram from years, I went from a bent over old man, to someone with as much flexibility as I had when I was 24. It was the first time I was pain-free in over 30-years, and that says a lot. I enjoy you HOLISTIC approach to things, and wish you well in your journey of self-discovery. Keep fighting the Good Fight.

    • Steve Mitchell Répondre


      I’m a long-time follower as well. Long story short. Sudden passing of my wife of 55 years, best friend, and almost only friend in an almost non-English environment in Busan, South Korea, has turned me in a bent over, aches ‘n pains, limping, old-man physique so quickly ! It’s unbelievable !

      My wife and I have been diligently following and collecting Barb Marciniak
      videos, probably for the last 6 months. Both retired English profs [ 20 years in SK ]. I’m a visual learner so, I have been compiling and editing attached transcripts so that, I can read along, as I listen to Barb’s spirit guide, whom I’ve nicknamed Marcie. I get much greater clarity, and am able to recall points of import, and info easily, this way, particularly with long, run-on sentences, characteristic of thinking peoples’ speaking / writings.

      Pleb. Prof mentions 3 part CD series. Glad to see part 2 has transcript attached BUT, part 1 doesn’t [ disappointing ]. Can’t be purchasing. Not on pension until back home residency established for 6 months, I believe. I was wondering why, and thinking of writing him, when I read your comment — ahhh ! A kindred soul, I think, and hope, Tiff.

      Then your note re Bikram results really got me interested, and googling. Recent headlines — bad news for him, and for me. Anything you can pass on privately, to me would be most appreciated. steve 8 rox ( at ) gmail.com [ no spaces, of course ].

      I use a JFK ( my hero – another story for another time ) public speaking style — sentences broken up into logical chunks, for greater speaking ( and listening, comprehension ) emphasis, using tons of extra commas, to indicate brief half-pauses, for effect.

      I / we have been tutoring Korean ESL undergrads here, who aspired to attend U.S. / Cdn grad schools, and found my editing style very effective, and appreciated, for creating study / clear comprehension notes, initially for them, and eventually for myself ( and my life partner ), primarily.

      But, the income has been drying up, the past year or so. Time to unload the condo, and head home, to the land of unbelievably big, real estate inflated prices.

      Be happy to send along a copy of one of my Marcie transcripts, if interested.

      On another note, a few weeks ago, one woman commented, on one of Marcie’s videos, I think, that she is really keen but, her whole family and relatives are naysayers, deep into 3rd dimension reality. She was asking, if there were any online  » Marcie  » support groups or keen followers / kindred souls, to connect with. Like an idiot, I neglected to jot her details down [ middle of the night editing mode, and stumbling into new-to-me material, constantly ]. No time to spare for online communications, anyway.

      I really and truly miss my wife’s interactions. Whenever I stumbled into some new fact / factoid, particularly Anunnaki related, she inevitably pointed out that Michael Tellinger brought that idea up in his book — her  » bible « , which she read thru’ almost 3 times, and was disgusted that I hadn’t followed her example. I was too addicted, collecting, editing and cataloging my treasured Marcie edited-for-max impact / effect transcripts.

      My wife’s hearing was superior to mine. Thus, she assisted in any muffled / garbled, blurry words or phrases, that I couldn’t figure out from context, after several tries. I really miss her helpfulness ! Transcripts can really get muddled. Thank goodness for Marcie’s distinct enunciation, non-vagueness, down-to-Earth style and, occasional touches of quality humour tossed in, just to add a little levity and a smile, to a serious lecture / lengthy answer to a workshop audience question.

      I’ve been scanning commentaries ever since, searching for that mystery fanlady. Usually, I didn’t bother doing that — can get time-consuming and, far too much low-level, arrogant negativity / vulgarity being spouted, by far too many no-brainers. I truly regret not having noted her contact email, although noticing her enquiry, occurred just prior to my wife’s sudden, fatal heart attack. Shocking, since both of us were in fairly decent, active physical health, for late 70ers. We were hoping for another 15 ~ 20 years together, after moving back home to Canada, finally.

      Tiff, it is truly an exciting time to be alive, and alert !

      Might you have run into this needy lady, reaching out for aware-type friendship, by chance ?

      Eyes getting tired. Not enough sleeping these days. Not good at all.

      WOW !! Long note, Tiffsaver ! Sorry ! ’nuff said !

  3. me ovearth Répondre

    I sit here and listen to old information which is in many many
    publications since the fifties and videos since the early 1990’s from
    various sources. very sad for those dupes who think they are really
    going to hear something new which may help their ascension. This channel is
    done. She is giving out information which I already know. . . which is found
    easily on every platform in existence today and has been since the fifties. If you are interested in a less fear based channeler, at least ones that I feel are connected to a higher source of truth just due to their vast, more detailed
    revelations, then check out Micheila Sheldon or Dr. Suzanne Lie. If you give either of them an
    opportunity, I think you will see a big difference between the channelers. Sheldan and Lie are lesser known and untouched by the flash and fanfare of others in the field. However, the most important thing is to look within self. We can use tools from outside sources, but to our raise of frequency/vibration comes from within. Wholeness vibrations to you all.

  4. helen stanford Répondre

    i have had many lets say WIERD experiences i have ask so many times for answers believing im being heard but no sign at all so im in limbo between my ehole live believing in donthing that do far wants no interation with me msybe im not btight enough soecisl enough ether way i need a ticus a comforting word tight now I’m at a cross roads not a clue where to go what to think i feel u need to help how not a xlue no puonters no feeling no direction been asking well all my life for some gelp guess im just gilled my head with a fantasy that i have something good to do clear im just gear to fold in line because i shoukd of heard by now ive alway know something wasn’t quite right but not a clue i hwar feel dream nothing thst regesters in restless now to the piont thst maby im a plain jane just a human thst has a nirmal life no big mission other than ti be kind love hard laugh alot maby yhst all omment to do i just wabt to know fir sure

  5. Mike Hood Répondre

    I’ve discovered who these so called people are and they are not
    what they claim to be and most
    people are really sheep
    to be toyed with a harsh reality

  6. Mike Hood Répondre

    Barbara blocks comments
    do the higher ups tell you to do this ?
    don’t wory your revenue is good
    Barbara I’m on to all this
    I know what’s up
    the deception you know

    • Zeuszgrl Répondre

      Urr, this isn’t Barbara Marciniak’s channel , it’s some guy who calls himself Pleiadian Professor’s You Tube channel.
      As a matter of fact she doesn’t get a cent from all these people who upload her vids and then put ads on them so that THEY make a profit off of her plagiarized work…
      At least Pleiadian Professor doesn’t monetize his vids like they do….LOL , you need to learn a thing or two Mike.

  7. Desmond Stewart Répondre

    i cant stop watching this video, its the only one that explains what i was feeling and why i was feeling that way back when i had my awakening… the energy that was coming in to my body was too much for me at the time but as the year goes on i understand more that i wasn’t the only one have that type of experience at that time but it was two years ago i came across this video and form that day on i watch it every day…. thanks for uploading it 🙂

  8. Stone hobbit2 Répondre

    Has Barbara channeled any information regarding the Crop Formations? If you know the jist of it please detail. Thanks

  9. The Great Cosmic Puzzle Répondre

    Noooooo again !!! This material is old is from 2008 they are talking what will happen in 2012 please come on !!!!!!

    • me ovearth Répondre

      and they placed your comment at the bottom of the heap so that others sit here and listen to old information which is in many many publications since the fifties and videos since the early 1990’s from various sources. very sad for those dupes who think they are really going to hear something that may help their ascension. This channel is done. She is giving out information that I already know which is found easily on every platform. If you are interested in a real channeler, at least one that I feel is really connected to a source just due to her revelations, then check out Micheila Sheldon. If you give her an opportunity, I think you will see the vast difference between the two channelers. Wholeness vibrations.

  10. Sandra McMahon Répondre

    I’m so new to this material and opened minded enough to let it sink in. A lot of it feels true to me. Preferring to have one God only though, I chose to not get involved in mingling with the lesser gods or goddesses. As for now, the Pleiadians are a group of beings that resonant enough for me to get to really know. Thank you Barbara for awakening me. I’m sorry that you have so many people that can be nasty in their comments to you. Disturbing. But their are much more who appreciate you I’m sure. Thank you again and your group of Pleiadians.

  11. Kash Me'Hout IAMQUEENSUPREME Répondre

    😂😂😂😂 wake up ppl this lady is a crock…same recycled crappie over and over….funny how her voice changes to creepy pedophile lady when she fake channels … I channel and I’ve never seen such crap as several fake channels have done.hope that Lil pocket change is worth it con artist

  12. StarSeed Répondre

    Its funny. The survival programming of the Illuminati is blowing up in their face. As they push that carrot on the stick so far out that people can actually see that they can never reach it they begin to examine the slave paradigm. If they had kept the world just a little bit fair most of the awakened would still be asleep.

    • Sylvester Tredgett Répondre

      +StarSeed Nice observation. (Quote from oracle out of the Matrix:  »what do men with power want..? More power. »)

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