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  1. anantha viswanath Répondre

    Ignorant concentrate on those which are unimportant. But wise person realise the service miracles baba has done for humanity. Jai sai ram!!

  2. savory icon Répondre

    highly enlightened have the ability to produce material things out of thin air, not once you notice that something falls out of his hand, he was literally collecting the letters with the same hand that later produced vibuthi. its all about faith. if you believe in his yes he is a saint. if you wish to call him satan it’s up to you. his message was ‘ love all serve all’ and that’s divine

  3. selvi sam Répondre

    I am a person that never believes in God, I used to carry a lot of  hatred in my heart. Baba appeared in my dream numerous times and manifested viboothi on pictures, I am a different person now, He is my world, I have experienced uncountable miracles and I have seen miracles in His temple in Malaysia. He is with all His devotees and He communicates with them, He is a God no doubt, om sai ram

  4. Legendazf Betancohurt Répondre

    Quitterie Lance.Christ wasn’t nailed on this cross through the palm of his hands? Why the image of nails appeared in Francis of Assisi hands and feet?

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