Violet Flame Keeper Activation (Archangel Michael channeled by Ronna Herman)

via thirthyest – — Activation with Archangel Michael, 24 oct 2009
channeled by Ronna Hermann
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  1. Nina Répondre

    wow. thank you. needed this so much today. been meditating all day but nothing helped. I can feel it. so glad I synched up with this video💜

  2. Thomas Sawyer Répondre

    Everyone has a viewpoints. The divine is easy to get to. When you make the right steps.

  3. Thomas Sawyer Répondre

    Strange how anime, hasn’t even gone inside of himself, and looked. He is putting God in a box, and screaming with his ego. God knows your intent. A course in miracles would really help you. it’s a book, and a very very popular one, at that. Spirit of God vs Ego.

  4. Cory Kent Répondre

    This is all psychic and has nothing to do with the true Archangels and Ascended Masters. Archangel Michael has nothing whatsoever to do with the Violet Flame, and the Ascended Masters have never channeled. Please use caution, beloved ones, for you can be trapped in astral plane for many embodiments. Saint Germain has stated specifically, the psychic realm is as tricky as quicksand and just as undependable. Avoid it at all costs, ye who seek the True Realms of Light 🙂

    • Cory Kent Répondre

      +Michael Veys
      You clearly haven’t studied the Ascended Master Teachings from the original Authorities and Sources, or you’d know what I said is fact, and you’d know that in proclaiming the Truth which is verifiable by anyone who is open and receptive to it, would not make them turn around and falsely accuse them of claiming to be something they did not. I simply stated the Truth of video. Archangel Michael is of the Blue Ray, and His Activity is not of the Violet Ray. There are specialities in the Ascended Master Octave, and each one has His or Her own Ray and Activity that They operate on, within that Ray.

      Study the Teachings from the original sources, and this fact would cry out as Truth from your Heart, and you wouldn’t be saying I claim to be the Authority for all Ascended Master Activities. But the Christ within me IS the Authority.

      I won’t trust a student at all who doesn’t even know that Ascended Master and Activities would all be capitalized if it came from the Ascended Masters or any individual operating in the Office of their Christ Self.

      This was not attacking anyone, but all students are required to defend the Truth, and I am warning others who come here. The Ascended Masters have stated 100 percent that they NEVER channel. That is not how the Ascended Masters Dictate to students.

      Blessings brother. <3

    • Michael Veys Répondre

      +Cory Kent ..Cory, your simply off center…..why do u continue to prop yourself up as the authority for all ascended master activities…your simply running old paraydyms and personal beliefs you have been indoctrinated with….handle your own shadow! end of story..your no different than a typical christian who quotes scripture out of context….

  5. Elizabeth Grove Répondre

    As a lightworker of the new earth, psychic medium, Angel Communicator, AND modern day Wicca Witch, I can honestly say that there are many misconceptions and fears regarding channeling, oracles, and what is right and what is wrong, ect. As humans I think we make everything complex than it needs to be, and we love to place hefty judgements on others in an angry abusive way, without truly seeking within, and then seeking God-self in others. The new paradigm is a new template, a step up in consciousness, a breaking of old patterns, old fears, old judgements, yet even the spiritualists will judge others paths harshly, claiming there’s is correct. I say leave it be, and just spread your light and love, encouraging and supporting those who truly wish to find the source and who wish to bring it out to the world. As you can see, by Bible’s standards I would be damned to go to hell, for being a magickal practitioner, a converser with the dead, and someone who uses divination quite frequently-but why?? The work that I do-« THE LIGHTWORK » that I do is certainly NOT aligned with  Satan in any way, shape, or form. There is 0 connection. The psychic medium, magickal, and paranormal  work that I have been doing has been bringing people so much healing, more wisdom, much closure, allowing them to raise their vibrations further. The Violet Flame invocation is something I use daily, and have even used in Home Clearings, with the power of the Archangels behind me. Going to hell for that?? Let’s be reasonable here!  Times have changed. My path is one based in love and service and that is all there is to it-nothing more to debate. I work with Archangel Michael, The White Brotherhood, Christ  and the angels intimitaly as well as fuding it with the old Celtic path with the female aspects of source. ( Goddess aspects)  People will  say what they will-turn it this way and that-qoute here and there and everywhere about what is wrong with my path, but you know what? At the end of the day it simply comes down to « LOVE AND SERVICE TO HUMANITY. »  With the protection of the angels, a trust in their guidance and messages without allowing ego and fear to separate you from oneness, a recognition of the divine Christed self,  we all can have individualized and even very unique paths that ultimately lead to enlightenment, ascension, and peace on earth. Blessings to all paths leading to « LOVE. »

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